These BandIt Bundles contain approximately 1 pound (about 1 yard) of digitally printed COTTON LYCRA ONLY in random sized cuts ranging from 4"-17"tall x 5"-60"wide and sometimes a bigger cut or two will sneak in! ;) These are all FIRST QUALITY prints!


We call it a BandIt Bundle, not only because it's a "punny" name and you're getting a yard of fabric FOR A STEAL, but because they are great for bands, cuffs, pockets, tumblers and smaller projects like underwear, key chains, cups, pads, etc.


**PLEASE NOTE** The Bundle pictured is just an example of what you COULD get in your bundle! You will not necessarily get those exact prints! If you want to request a certain print or even certain size cuts, leave a note at checkout and if we have it, we'll add it to your bundle! 


Shipping is extra and will be charged at checkout. 


***Michelle's Retail can not be combined with Erica's Retail  since they are shipping from 2 different states. 

***CHECKOUT/PAY FOR ONE AT A TIME- so each retail needs a separate transaction/order number (so the cart charges you correct shipping prices)

For example:

If you would like to buy from both Michelle's Retail and Erica's Retail- you would add all the fabric you'd like to order from Michelle's Retail to your cart then checkout/pay (your cart should have only Michelle's Retail fabric in it).

Then you would add all the fabric you'd like from Erica's Retail to your cart then checkout/pay (your cart should have only Erica's Retail fabric in it)


Email or visit our Facebook page for any questions you may have. 



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